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Hey there! I'm Lu and this my website. I made this blog as a project specially for Articles International, --an English as a 2nd Language and Web Design program. If you would like to work with me, just use the contact form found on this page. Below is my personal CV, with some examples of sites and content material I've made before.

Graduated with honors from APU
11 years of article writing experience (particularly for Online individuals)
6 years of website development experience.
Committed, goal-oriented employee with a taste for information.

Employment Experience.
Articles International,2007 - Present
Office manager
In charge of organizing a international crew of internet writers to match a demanding range of growth objectives and goals.
- Create cutting edge records for productivity, expanding production by 18% globally
- Correctly managed successive logs of task distribution
- Maintained QA for worldwide generation over a sizable crew of content writers

Self Employed Web Designer

Additional Skills
Proficient in French
Superior knowledge utilizing various choice of office software

Samples of English Writing

Last Name Generator

Name generators are already becoming very useful in many aspects of life. A last name generator will be able to give a person many choices of different last names to be used in a variety of things. One of the most important uses of these name generators is to make up names that can be used... More on this page..

Muslim Baby Names

  Muslim baby names are not only used by Muslims but also by people from different religions because of their innate beauty and uniqueness. If you are a parent to a child and you want to name your baby something special choosing a Muslim name is a good choice. There... Read more..

Names For Girls

A name is the primary thing that will help you know who a person is. Names are traditionally given to be identified at the same time differentiated from the others. Most of the names have meaning on them; actually, maybe someone is named because of the meaning. Others are named after gods, attitudes while others are named after icons and still some like those names from the bible. Well, here are some names that you like... To read more click here...

Pretty Girl Names

New parents and parents to be are always excited in naming their newborn baby. For parents with newborn baby girl, parents would search then via internet for the lists of pretty girl names. Some would even buy books before their expected date of delivery to have... Read more..

The Meaning Of Names

A name is a word or group of words specifically assigned to a particular place, thing, object or person. We may perish in this world but the reputation we give to our name as well... To read more click here...

Unique Baby Names

Presently, naming babies is becoming a greater big deal and is more commercialized with the increasingly business popularity of baby naming services, wherein some parents to be would even go to a great length of finding unique baby names through spending a fortune for just one name by... Click here to continue..

What Does My Name Mean

It also means track or follow. Next is Ethan, which means long-lived and firmness. Then, Michael, which is actually the question, “Who is similar to God?” Jayden means thankful and William means protection. For the girls the most popular name is Isabella which means, the promise of God. Next is Sophia, which means wisdom.Then Emma, derived from a German word which means,... Source..

Ankle Sprain

In the diagnosis of a sprained ankle, the doctor typically demands for an x-ray or other studies which will help him confirm the condition of your ankle joints, bones and muscles.... Source of information..

Arthritis Symptoms

This occurs when cartilage is no longer elastic. In this condition, the cartilage already becomes stiff and thus, it can be more easily damaged. The cartilage serves as the body’s shock absorber and when no longer elastic, it will slowly wear away in different areas. Damaged cartilage results in the stretching of ligaments and tendons, causing pain.... Source..

Aspergers Symptoms

There are only a few people who know about this disorder. Boys are more likely to be affected by aspergers than girls. Generally, the patients find it difficult to make friends with other people. Oftentimes,... To read more click here...

Autism Symptoms

Autistic children are also believed to be poor performers in a number of imaginative and symbolic activities. These are the autism symptoms that are developed by the patients visibly. As mentioned above, the patient may not display some external symptoms of the disorder and it may be quite impossible to detect the presence and absence of... More on this site..

Blood Clots During Period

Changes in body hormones are proven to cause abnormal flow of menstrual blood with large blood clots. * When you are anemic or perhaps possess a low level of hemoglobin, then it is perfectly normal to see blood clots during period. Women having a certain type of anemia that makes the red blood... Click here to continue..

Blood Pressure Chart

But there are already modern electronic BP apparatuses that do not use these bulky items. A blood pressure chart is composed of 5 categories. These categories are Normal, Prehypertension,... Read more..

Brain Tumor Symptoms

Brain tumors may affect different people of different ages. There are specific terms for these brain tumors depending on the age of the patient and the cause of the tumor itself. But in general, a brain tumor is a group of cells that have grown abnormally and have clumped up in the brain. The tumor may have started in... Source of information..

Clinical Depression

It’s not always proven that talk therapy alone can cure this type of depression but is useful when done with other form of treatments. Prescribed medications: various antidepressants are available in the market and have been safely used for several decades. These medications however, aren’t the only cure for a person with depression. They even have side effects, has unfavorable reactions with other medicines and there are times that patients using them get tired and decided to quit.... Read more..

Constipation Symptoms

Ignoring this bowel problem will not make it disappear. In fact, doing so will even lead to more serious problems in the colon. The degree of symptoms varies from one case to... Click here to continue..

Depression Test

Depressed mood is very common when there is loss especially if someone in the family will pass away. People can also feel depressed due to day to day activities like failing the exam at school. Some medical conditions even cause depressed mood like hypothyroidism. But when a person’s depressed mood is prolonged that it affects the general health and... Continue reading..

Dry Cough

However, it should be noted that that is not always the case. Thus, it does not always lead to some forms of illness. Research states that it is one of the most common respiratory conditions that people all over the world experience. Since it does not choose whom to... Source of information..

Excessive Bleeding During Period

The issue is the fact that a lot of women are affected every month because of excessive bleeding during period. Excessive bleeding could be to some degree is controllable if a woman does not have any children to take care of. However including children on the... Source of information..

Gender Predictor

A scientifically baseless gender predictor used by many people is the taste of the food which the conceiving mother is craving for. They say that if it is sweet, the mother is carrying a female child. On the other... Find out more...

Glaucoma Symptoms

Optic nerve is the primary visual nerve which is responsible for the transmission of impulse from what we visualize to the brain. In the case of glaucoma, the optic nerve is damaged which results in the impairment or even loss of the side vision. If this condition is not treated, the individual who suffers from side vision loss can also experience... Click here to read more..

Hand Washing Facts

Running water is also more effective than using water in a bowl because the bacteria can flow down to the drain with flowing water and not circulate in the bowl. According to a recent scientific study, the hands especially the fingertips and the spot under the... Continue reading..

Hangover Cures

This will make sure that the fluids are equalized and you will not get easily drunk as well. Sleeping and resting is also very important. Many people actually call sick to work the day after the party just to get some good sleep. This will allow the body to regain all the lost energy. A lot of people may drink a warm cup of coffee upon waking up. But this does not apply to everyone... Continue reading..

Heavy Period With Clots

If you're attempting to handle your personal health conditions by means of home prescription, then you will want to learn how homeopathy performs. Normally you should compose a list of the signs which are actually slightly associated with your problem, after that find which homeopathic medication offers a cure on minimum of three of the most evident signs. This can probably be the treatments for you. Homeopathy only provided treatment for a specific problem for a... Continue reading..

HIV Symptoms

Different countries have already launched HIV awareness campaigns in order to educate the people about this condition and how life threatening this could be. People should be taught about what the condition is, how it is acquired, the different HIV symptoms, the diagnostic procedures that can be done, the prognosis of the patient affected with the disease and prevention measures as well. The identification of HIV symptoms can be a little tricky.... More on this page..

Itchy Skin

The integrity of the skin must remain intact and it must be protected at all times to prevent pathogens from entering the body. This is why it is essential to have long term pruritus checked by medical professionals. When it comes to the signs and symptoms of itchy skin, the severity may vary from person to person. The itchiness may be localized in a small area of the body but there are... To read more click here...

Kidney Pain

In the event that the kidney malfunctions, there may be several health problems to occur. As it fails to perform its vital functions, pain can be felt in the flank area. One of the most common kidney pain causes... Source..

Loss Of Voice

This kind of homemade remedy is widely used by professional vocalists to treat a hoarse, tired and absent voice. Resting your body and voice is a good way to treat your condition. If you are starting to lose your voice, lessen or if possible, avoid talking and... More on this page..

Lupus Disease

As a matter of fact, it was assumed that in every two thousand people, one is affected with lupus. The lupus disease has four types and probably the most common is the systemic lupus erythematpsus, which can be the most serious as well as... Source..

Male Yeast Infection

There may be a few symptoms especially in the crotch area but most men will not mind it as it may only be a simple case of jock itch. One of the ways to be aware that a man might have... Click here to continue..

Meningitis Symptoms

This part of the body has a very important function since it offers protection to the central nervous system which is responsible for transmission of information from the brain to the body’s periphery. When the meninges are inflamed, due to multiple causes, this is medically called meningitis. There are actually two types of meningitis. The first one is bacterial meningitis and the other one is viral meningitis. Both are serious health threats to the person but the bacterial type... More on this page..

Menstrual Cycle Calculator

After all you wanted to take a swim and not just watch your companions enjoy themselves. You can create by yourself you own menstrual cycle calculator. First, get a calendar you... Click here to read more..

Ovulation Predictor

Usually, these days do not go beyond 4 days. When a couple performs intercourse during these ovulation days, there is a high chance that the woman will conceive in no time. But what is an ovulation period?... Continue reading..


Most of the changes that the female body will be able to experience are due to the hormonal changes as well. The menstruation process will not abruptly stop but it will gradually decrease until there will be no more menses. According to research, the... Find out more...

Several women feel only mild and tolerable pain while some experience very sharp pain. In some cases, pain can only be experienced in one breast. However, women can also experience it in both breasts simultaneously. There are two different types of breast pain: cyclical and noncyclical. The cyclical pain in the... Continue reading..

Signs Of Depression

They adversely affect a person’s social and family life, and work. The following is a list of signs of depression. If in case you... Source..

Sinus Headache

The term “sinus headache” is taken from the term “sinuses” composed of two distinct sets of cavity that are located on the left or right side of one’s head. Sinuses extend from below the eyes and center of the forehead to the temples. These cavities... Continue reading..

Sinus Infection

When the paranasal sinuses in the face gets inflamed due to the presence of fungus, bacteria or a virus, then that is called a sinus infection. This type of infection is also known as sinusitis. During... Source of information..

Sinus Infection Symptoms

Normally, these bacteria are present within the nasal passages through which air passes. If the defense of these sinuses is weak, the bacteria can penetrate into them. Sinus infection can affect everybody of all ages, from children to childhood. This infection comes in different types which largely depend on which sinuses are affected. The first type of sinusitis is the acute sinus infection. This sinus infection is usually resulted... Click here to read more..


It can restrict the flow of blood to certain parts of the body needing oxygen. Without sufficient supply of oxygen, those body structures will not be able to function properly which may lead to organ failure or collapse. The signs and symptoms of a stenosis in the body will greatly vary depending on what part is being constricted and narrowed... More on this site..

Stiff Neck

People who feel rigidity in their necks must check for other symptoms like high grade fever, seizures, confusion and vomiting. When these accompanying symptoms are... Read more..

Stress Symptoms

If you feel that this particular thing or person or activity is giving you stress, then write it down. After several days, go back to the previous lists you made and identify what are those that keep on giving you stress symptoms. Watch your diet carefully especially when you are fond of drinking coffee or those with a lot of... More on this site..

Throat Cancer Symptoms

The larynx is also known as the voice box and the vocal cords are responsible for the vibrations that cause the sound when we talk or speak. Although anyone can have cancer, there are certain people who are at higher risk in developing a cancer in the throat than anybody else. These people are the heavy smokers and those with a family history of any throat disease. It was also found that people who drink alcohol a... To read more click here...

Upper Back Pain

Mild upper back pain can be caused by bad posture for years. It is therefore of vital importance to maintain good posture if not all the... Source..

Adult Autism

This is due to impaired neural development. Autism is usually diagnosed in as early as 3 years old. But recently, a lot of news has been surfacing about adult autism. Autism in adulthood is not impossible. Experts say that there are adults who have just been diagnosed with the said condition but that does not mean that the autistic behavior developed during adulthood. Autism always begins during... Click here to read more..

Antibiotics List

There are different types of antibiotic used in the field of medicine today. Ask your doctor and get the a prescription before buying those antibiotics. Naturally, our body contains millions of bacteria. We call those bacteria that reside in the body without causing harmful effects normal flora. When these bacteria significantly increase in number they could cause harm and infection to the body. Antibiotics are also called as antibacterial because of their primary function to cure... More on this page..

Breast Implants Before And After

Decide whether this is really the best for you. You can also search for information about breast implants before and after the operation so that you will know what to expect. During the operation the patient is placed under general anesthesia. A small incision is done and the implant is inserted in the breast tissue. The entire procedure usually takes one to one and a half... Continue reading..

Cholestorol Levels

There are good and bad types of cholesterol that we take into our systems. High-density lipoproteins clean out the low-density lipoproteins from our bodies and decrease a person’s overall risk of heart disease. The low-density lipoproteins referred to are the bad cholesterols. These increase the risk of heart disease in a person because it builds up in your arteries and has the potential to cause other health problems such as blood clots. A person with a family history of heart... Source..

Feet Problems

This is considered as one of the severe kinds of congenital abnormality of a foot which has various causes. Positioning in the mother’s womb and having growth problems... More on this site..

Walk In Clinic

The term “hospital clinic” might be confusing to most people as such terminology is not common. Normally, a clinic and a hospital are two different institutions although with similar goals of providing health caring managements. To clearly understand what such term is all about or is referring to, it is initially important to understand the... Continue reading..

Kidney Failure Stages

Note that it is not the infection itself that causes the renal injury; instead it is due to the antibodies created by the body to fight against the streptococcal infection, wherein, the antibodies and the antigen substance will react with each other to... Source of information..

Medical Terminology

As a vocabulary it is used to accurately an precisely describe the human biddy and all the parts associated with, as well as the conditions and process which occur within and around it, in a clear and scientific way that leaves no room for misinterpretation or conjecture, for... Source of information..

Medicare Card

Medicare is a social insurance program that is administered by the governments of the United States and Canada. If a person is qualified for this medical insurance... More on this site..

Mental Illness Test

The diagnosis of a mental illness is done by a licensed health professional. Unlike other types of diseases, testing for mental illness is not... Read more..

Physician Reviews

The reviews may be biased since there is a degree of personal attachment to it. But this type is usually what other people read and find so it really may affect... Source of information..